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Lisa de Araujo

Lisa is a graphic designer, digital producer and photographer. Her photographic work has appeared in a range of  publications, including the Long Beach Tribune, South Coast Business, Discovering Long Beach, The Racing Times and the LA Times Magazine.

In addition to fine art prints, she focuses on music, film stills and food and product photography which can be found at her website,

Artist Statement

In 2006 I found a 1954 Rolleicord in a Cambridge camera shop. I started to work with medium format film and experimented with a variety of development methods before alighting on a modified stand development technique that I depend on for nearly all my fine art work. I now boast more than 26 cameras of all vintages.

One of the things I admire about black and white film photography is the temporality it imparts to any image. So much more than colour, black and white images seem set in time—both immemorial and eternal. Despite rarely including people in my work, my major influences are Robert Doisneau, Irving Penn, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ruth Orkin.

Every image I capture with the Rollei seems to want to exist in another time. Sometimes I feel I have no control over what the camera wants me to do. I create the composition, but the camera is both mentor and creative director.